Why does Gali have boy voice in 2015?

Well, this is so weird and I am confused, why does Gali have a boy voice in 2015? 2016 is different, even though it’s just the next year,so leave your comments down. I’ll be glad to find an answer . Thanks.


Because there was only one voice actor, and the guy was male.


Really? Never knew, but why did they use only one voice actor? They could easily get some more.

Never knew that there was only one voice actor?

Low budget I guess?

This really shows they really hadn’t put so much effort in it, Oof, G2 could be better

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The canon reason is that the 2015 animated shorts were told by Narmoto.

The actual reason is either low budget, or they knew they were going to explain it the next year.

wait Journey to One is canon right


It’s a narrated story, which was most likely cheap, but effective


I think it was a conscious choice because they wanted to give the animations a “story told around a camp fire” feeling to them.

In essence, imagine it’s a person reading from a storybook, or reciting an ancient legend.


Why is Lewa a girl in brickonicle


As many have said, it’s because they wanted to give the animations a “storybook feel” likely in response to the lack of budget. They realized they didn’t have much to work with, and rather than give up, they decided to be creative with it.

As you might have noticed, everyone has the same voice actor, who is meant to be the narrator, who would be telling this story to the youth of Okoto (That Narrator being Narmoto, apparently)

Like imagine if you were a little kid, snuggled up all nice and warm, ready for bed, and your father read you a bedtime story. All of the characters would sound pretty similar, and any female characters would sound male because well, your dad is the one telling the story.


Because Phweff is the only Voice actor.


That, and the fellow who did all the voices could also do those voices in multiple languages very well.

Saves a lot of money to get one guy to do all the voice acting for several countries instead of hiring multiple voice teams instead.

EDIT: Instead.


In 2016 was e same with a villager telling others about the story, and there were voice actors…

The Mahri cinematic had one voice actor too.

Yeah, and it’s really annoying… But if we think some more the Mahri movie is just a short teaser, when the 2015 is made up from some episodes.

Not entirely. The 2016 show was a full-length television series that was cut short, and by that point LEGO had found people for animation and etc. to assemble a crew for an actual show. The 2015 animations were just that, animations, and didn’t need a lot more money poured into them.

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Yeah, because they could afford to go that route, they had the budget to pay actors. And JTO was meant to be more of a traditional TV show, with the campfire only meant as a homage to G1 and a stylistic bookend.