Why does the Ignika on Vezon look different than on anyone else?

The ignika looks different on vezon than on anyone else, or by itself. Is there a canon reason for this?

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probably because it’s fused to his face.

but it’s on the back of his head and it has barely any resemblence to the ignika

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The ignika isn’t usually fused to peoples faces.

that’s probably your answer in canon.

but I have a feeling it looks like that in set form because the ignika had not had a confirmed design yet.


ok this is a reasonable awnser. You get a solution.


Biosector says the Ignika, having “many of the qualities of life itself” is able to change form, and has done so multiple times. Here’s the list of canon forms it has taken.

Of course, this is probably an in-story excuse for the Ignika being redesigned a couple times before the final design was settled on by 2007. I’m glad they did redesign it, though, because the 2007 design is one of the best mask designs in all of Bionicle.


if not the best mask design