Why I prefer HF over BIONICLE. (RaptorTalon edition)

I understand what you mean, I love Toa Mata Nui, but mostly because of my nastalgia with it. Just flip Furno's unsightly goggles around for the classic cap and he's fine. I think Furno XL is the best Furno though.

Also, if you don't mind me asking, how old were you when Hero Factory started?

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alrighty so what i got from this is that you grew up with hf and your dad is a meeny



7-8 ish. I am 14 now.

If you want to summarize it THAT much...I guess.


Hay! So am I! I totally get you're view of HF now! Wish I would have known you while it was around because all my friends weren't into HF.

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Heh, That is why the internet is a great thing.

What did you think of Invasion from Below? It kinda felt like it took place in an alternate universe or something. I wish they woulda kept the same animation company.

I liked it more then JTO, but I would be lying if I said I was not disappointed in what happened. .

I kinda meant the year in general.

The sets were great, the story was pretty bleh.

I dunno where it fits in the canon, but your alternate universe thing might not be too far off, seeing as HF has those.

Ok ok. Thanks! Well I don't want to drive discussion off-topic, so I'll stop the Q & A. But I look forward to discussing HF with you at another time!

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Ay that's my boy furno, yang I like it, the goggles are kinda big but it has a charm to it

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This was a very nice read. While I'm not 100% drawn by Hero Factory- but have caught myself caught up in it from time to time- how much it means to you is perfectly fine.

Reading this honestly brought back some great memories of when I first got into Hero Factory. I remember waking up on Saturday mornings to watch the latest episodes of the show and how desperate I was to try and find Thornraxx in stores.


HF is pretty cool, I should have given it the chance. I was a scrub who was salty with it for the whole Bionicle thing. In retrospect I really missed out on parts, but if I'd been into HF I wouldn't have thrown myself at Halo. Or maybe I might have, they're both sci fi. Either way I missed out on account of saltiness.


Salt is a powerful thing, it can clot your blood and kill you.


The main thing i hate about furno 2.0 is not the goggles. Sure, they look kinda goofy. Whatever.
The thing I hate about furno 2.0 is that needlessly asymmetrical leg armor.
I'm fine with asymmetry (heck quake beast is one of my favorite G2 sets), but it just has no purpose at all.

Yeah that was kinda bogus. I actually built it wrong when I got it, I made both legs look like the right... Then I saw what I did wrong, tried the official version, decided mine was better and kept it my way.

Meh, I don't mind it. It would probably make him look more bland-looking than he already is IMO :stuck_out_tongue:

I almost entirely agree. :smiley:
If necessary, I could write my own version of my story with HF sometime.

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Dang, son. I knew people liked HF (including me) but I never figured it meant this much to anyone.


While I didn't hate HF as much as so many did, I did have issues with it, but I'm actually glad it reached out to other fans, it's really interesting now I think about it, some people are going to look back when they're grown up at HF being their thing rather than Bionicle. Bionicle is obviously my thing as I've had them since I was about 3 or 4 years old, but I appreciate what HF had, even if I didn't like all of it.

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