Why isn't the clear G2 Tahu mask from Comic Con worth more?

Hey anyone remember that clear mask from Comic Con?

I'm just wondering why isn't it up there in value? There's only 1,500 in existence which on paper may not seem like very few but remember that the 10,000 gold C-3PO's in 2007 are around $400 on bricklink each. And Mr. Gold, which only had 5,000 copies, is about 1,000 dollars on Bricklink. With those statistics, you'd think the Clear Hau mask would be higher in value. But for some reason it's only 30-70 bucks on bricklink.

I never quite understood that so can someone answer me why? As the owner of one of these I'm quite disappointed that it isn't anymore valuable.

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It's probably due to the demand for them.
Minifigures appeal to a large amount of consumers, hence why the going price for them are quite a ways higher. That's not even accounting for an IP that might be linked to said fig, such as the previously mentioned Threepio minifigure. BIONICLE on the other hand doesn't have such a following, meaning the supply kinda sorta meets the demand.


I remember seeing a picture one time of a pile of those transparent masks.

They're probably not as valuable due to them having a larger number of them existing.


but that's why I compared it to the more valuable Mr. Gold and Chrome C-3PO which are both way higher in quantity than the mask

Again, people like minifigures more. There's more of a system fan base than a bionicle one.

Worth noting Lego has been known to be inconsistent with production quantities.

Often the limited edition official quantity only represents what can be gotten the normal way but people who know people at factories or in set design have been known to obtain parts no one else can get.

like those misprint bricks created when a machine swaps plastic color
I would kill for some of those to make lego dimensional rifts out of

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you could just Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V and you wouldnt have to save it,
I dont know the exact price, but ill tell you it wont be cheap

Like many said, there is not much of a supply and demand problem. And I'm sure many people who got the mask and are selling it probably don't care about BIONICLE.

Well the mask was a bit of a recent release, so it's current value is not so high. However, in a few more years it's value and rarity may increase, so I would suggest waiting a while before selling it.


Because Bionicle sucks.

Kidding. I don't know.

From a moccist's perspective, I don't have much use for a trans mask, as I'm sure many don't. Sure you could use it as a spaceship canopy, but it doesn't make sense when there are plenty of other canopies available.

From a collector's perspective, most LEGO fans are into system and wouldn't have much interest in a bionicle item, especially one from the failed G2 reboot.


Trans CCBS plox.


Like Likus said, it's more of a nifty little trinket than a useful piece. A friend of mine owns two or three of them and hasn't used them for anything to date aside from display stands for the mask itself.