Why Nyran feels bad about participating in Forum games

I feel like such a spammer, y'know?


And to think I actually thought you were a good person. >;( /s

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Hey I see my post! Lololol

Yeah, was gonna be all like continuing to thwart you. Someone else took over.

Dangit! Need to go and stop him! Squeaverking awaaaaayyyyy

Ugh. I hate those kind of "last post" games.

It's basically an easy excuse to increasing post count. You staff guys should get to making posts in certain categories/topics not count.

I dunno how to do that. That may be up to the admins. I may have to lock the post if that's what people want it for, because people should earn post counts fair and square.

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Well, Var made a joke about locking it earlier, and left it be, so I think it's fine for now...

Maybe. But yes, I agree with your reasoning.

If I lock it, I need a good reason for it. I'll just let it be for now, but if there is way too much going on, I may have to shut it down.

Besides, I liked Custom BIONICLE's version better:

I must agree, the first page or so was a very humorous read.

Oh, I'm "Privyet BIONICLEToa" BTW. The Privyet part is an inside joke on Custom BIONICLE with me and a russian user.

I had this come up too. So you're not alone.

Man, it's so hard for me to get my post count up. I have to type, and say things that are relevant. And I know why you would think this is a bad thing. I mean, it's not like the post count is an arbitrary number which means nothing.

It's important when you have ranks of being an active user.

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That isn't how you gain ranks.

I know that. But you're known for your activity, and if your active for at least 75/100 days, you can become level 3.

That isn't relevant to post count though. Most people posting in the Last Post thread are already rank 3.

Except Nyran. 'Cause he's late to the party eternally, having joined only like, a few days ago.

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Most people, but not all of them.