Why prple didn't talk and other stuff

I had this idea for a while. and now that @prpldragon talks I’m rather amused that she’s a particular bane to Var.

In an attempt to finish my ideas I’m going to try to come out with more “quick-ees” like this one, where I only spend a couple minutes on it.

I think the Autopsies are my favorite, but autopsy var is not the same as podcast var.

I remember once when Var was talking like he does in the Autopsies and then Meso interrupted him and I was screaming “NO Meso! What have you done!”

Another quick-e. Since prpldragon name is purple dragon I thought of sleeping beauty.


Pretty funny.

Normal Var looks like he took his head off and is holding it in his hand.

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Yep, Var does change pretty drastically between shows.

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it’s actually suppose to be me watching Bionicle Autopsy

Another quick-e. Since @prpldragon name is purple dragon I thought of sleeping beauty.


How do you go from dragons to Sleeping Beauty?

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Maleficent turned into one

but I love this Artwork

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A little hard to see, but pretty neat.