why was likahn's Hau different to tahus?

why was likahn’s Hau different to tahus?

Sets made first so I am pretty sure he didn’t have control over that part. Though I am not Greg so meh.


In-universe, I don’t think it was. That was probably something exclusive to the sets.


Mask with the same power can be crafted into diffrent shapes, it was provoke a diffrent style of Hau masks


Explain all the exact same shaped Haus the Toa Mata collected.

Same design, same person made them, diffrent mask makers have diffrent styles, example: Nuju’s mask is diffrent from all others of that same type due to the telescopic eye


thanks everyone!

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I also viewed mask design as a cultural thing as well. Not as specific as metru or koro, but more on the scale of island and continents. A Hau made in Metru Nui might look more similar to Lhikans, but one made on Destral might have differently pronounced features; the three slats in the cheeks may be much thinner and shorter, the forehead might be a seperatr plate and come down further over the eyes, the mouth piece might be more angular and geometric. In other words, a Artakhan Hau may look like a G2 Hau.

that would explain g2’s masks looking different but still similar

But they don’t have powers of those masks. They are elemental masks.

does that matter? they are still the masks arn’t they?

Um… Technically not. They have the shape but not the powers. So… That is why they are called the mask of fire. Ect.

i think of bionicle g2 as just a dumb downed verison of g1 with different plots and names. but i guess your right.

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When there is a reboot, I try to think of it as a new thing. But with the names and recycles of the old thing. If it is done well, it is great. I point to Thunder Cats reboot and Transformers Animated.

thats the thing. It WASN’T done well. The marketing, the story to carry the line and the size of the tv show was all done poorly.

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That’s my point… I didn’t say it directly though. Let us stop the second conversation here now that our points are set.


Yes, but the shape doesn’t matter. You could have a Noble Krahkaan shaped like a Great Avohkii, and it still wouldn’t be able to make a pseudo-torch. Just because it looks like a Hau doesn’t mean it is one.

Also, why the blurred text? It’s kinda weird and sorta annoying when I’m on mobile and not completely coherent. (I’m excellent at poking the wrong bit of the screen when I’m fully awake, let along half, or even a third. (Or just completely asleep pretty much.))

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