Why you should make MOC topics

A lot of new people have joined the boards
Some moc
Some don’t
Some moc very often

See, the people who moc very often usually just make individual topics for all their mocs

This can come off being a little spammy in some situations
So what you can do is make your own little topic for all your mocs

now I suggest that if you make mocs often, you make one
If you make mocs like once in a blue moon, then don’t
its fine

onto the next thing
How to make a good looking moc topic

Instead of taking 10 pictures and posting them in one post
-Make a imgur/flickr album
-Post a minimum of 3-6 pictures

Then give a description of the moc
Trust me, it will make it much cleaner then just posting the images in one post

If you have any questions on something just ask

Also, to give examples of moc topics



Spoilers, but…

I’m making my own MOC topic shortly here.

good boi


Another thing, if you’re like me and see each MOC as an important character worthy of being seen on his or her own, then make a topic for it. And write a backstory while you’re at it. (Not that I usually do that here…)


but eh

not a lot of people make that high level worthy mocs
No offence to other people on the boards

Say if you have a good backstory to a moc, then sure
It can be worthy its own topic

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When I get more Bionicle parts, then I’ll make a MOC thread.

This brought a tear to my heart. Thanks pot8o

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I said people who make mocs frequently should make moc topics, I am in no way saying everyone needs to


I already made one.

I put a crappy Matoran moc on it… :disappointed:

its alright m8, but for future reference to everybody else

In this topic I am not saying you need to
I am saying you should


Hey can someone explain how to make topics!?!? I am new so please help!

Wrong place for this, but hey

when you go to a category, press the blue + and create the topic
make sure its in the right category.

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Thank you! Just didn’t know we’re to go! You will be mentioned on my first moc topic buddy!