This is supposed to be a community of moc makers and Lego lovers who want to check out other people’s creations not a website where you look at a picture and make fun of it, for the love of God all of you listen to me now, not all of my Mocs are overpowered superheroes, my Mocs can have as many colours I want them to have, my Mocs could be a simple build or an extremely messy weird build that wastes all my parts because I’m not lying, I have very few of the parts I need to make all the certain Mocs I want because I waste them on all of my giant villains like Pyraxus and treason, just stop saying my things are bad because I swear to god I’m thinking of just making a endoskeleton moc who has infinite power and he’ll have no story beside that and then I’ll make him the prize of a moc contest, who can make the most simple overpowered moc of all time, why are all hating my guys am I seriously like that person in the classroom who everybody hates, I’m fed up of all the Annoying comments about my “overpowered simple designed skinny Mocs” please stop annoying me and offending my creations, because I find it stupid and complete and utter BULL, so just stop it just doesn’t help anyone especially you guys😡

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Can I level with you here and have a nice calm conversation? One of the reason people do not like what you build is because the way it looks. Many look slapped together and then are posted. I am personally fine with your characters having a ton of power, but, and I think I speak for a lot of people here, I would like to see more effort put into the builds. I do not have a ton of pieces just like you, and my friend has even less. Instead of saying that you lack specific pieces you can use bricklink to buy parts. Most only go for about a couple of cents. Exiling mask which are around $.20, you can also use what you have to make something in place of the missing piece.

As for colors, the reason people are complaining is that a lot of colors makes the moc look bad, if you do use a lot of colors spread them out and have them tie into different parts of the moc.
An example is that for my self
Moc I use mainly tan, but I have brown and tan melded pieces I used for the forearm and shin armor, to tie it in I put brown behind the shoulder/ armpit part and inform of the shin armor, so just tie in the colors.

Many people here are not trying to be mean or make you feel left out, I personally would like to see you builds grow and your skills as well. If I have made it sound like I am being rude I apologize as that is not my intent. Many people will also offer to help you with ideas and will show you a trick on what they said needs improvement if you ask.

It also kind of makes you look imamture and like your Mocs are a joke, I am
Not saying they are. If you need help please email me at sealman135@gmail.com and I will gladly help you if I can, and when I have the time. You could also private message me. Again this community is not trying to be mean, they are giving cronstructive critism to help you become better as a mocist.


everyone has their own opinion, and if they think your moc is bad that’s their thought, which is a common thought since just skinny mocs arent popular here, unless they are complex or have something appealing, but yours IMO just dont, and Im sorry to say that


Look, no one hates your MOCs. But you need to understand that if you make MOCs with ridiculous powers, people are going too go, “wait wot m8 slow down there”. If you put your MOCs here, or anywhere on the internet, people are going to give you criticism, not because they hate your guts, but because they want to help you with constructive criticism so that you can get better.

Bottom line: No one hates your MOCs and is harping on the quality because they hate you and they hate your MOCs. People rather want to give your criticism so that you can use your collection, no matter how little it is, to make a MOC that is better. If you don’t want the advice, then don’t post them here. No ones stopping you.

And to give some ideas to help you get better, as I said, don’t give your character too much power. Too much power kills a story. Second, use an Inika build is that’s all you can do with your collection. But do something with it. Take a simple idea and use all the part you have and put some time and effort into that MOC and I promise you, the result will be something that not only you can feel happy with, but something others will appreciate too.


Well. Everyone has their opinions on MOCs. And it just so happens that there are commonly accepted beliefs for what makes a MOC qualitatively “good” with some level of psychological and scientific support, and your MOCs (and indeed, some of your philosophy) seems to violate them. Let me break it down for you.

You could either (a) create some (read: a lot of) legitimately normal characters and save the overpowered characters for very rare occasions, or (b) not boast about their powers so much in your descriptions. “Overpowered” characters are typically the sign of an up and coming writer. Balanced characters tend to be more likable.

As long as you balance the colors out across the build. If you have a lot of colors but all those colors appear only one place in the build, it looks like it was thrown together with no regard for color placement.

Extremely messy weird builds kind of rely on the fact that they’re weird and messy, and unless you’re a veteran MOCist you’re going to get hate for it regardless of if you think it pulled it off. But really, I’d advise you start simple and get a taste for what works and doesn’t work in a MOC.

Well you can take those MOCs apart or make them simpler and get your parts back.

Because you haven’t learned how to take critique and improve.

Yes, art is subjective. Yes, you are free to post whatever you want on the boards. But by virtue of posting them to the boards you are also opening them up to whatever comments people want to give them, whether they are positive or negative. And even by complaining about those comments here, you aren’t going to stop them from coming in. If you don’t want to get comments like these anymore, the only way to is to learn to take criticism and improve your MOCs and your MOCing skills accordingly.


Dude, not everyone is going to like something you like. There are flaws with everything in the Cosmos. Your MOCS are no exception. You may think they are perfect but their not. If you don’t like people criticizing them, then don’t post them here. Also making threads raging and trying to seem like a victim here is only making this an issue. I make crappy MOCs and post them here for fun, I obviously get criticized but I don’t care/mind. They don’t outright insult me, they say why it isn’t good and what can be fixed. That helps me with my other MOCs. Your quote of “overpowered simple designed skinny Mocs” is them telling you that making something SUPAH POWAAAAERHED is stupid, and that your MOCs aren’t anything unique because their designs are oversimplified. If it is going to be oversimplified then at least use some logic, unless you are joking, then you can go all out. As I said before, if you can’t take criticism, then leave.
(EDIT: Also good MOCs need time and effort. Do that instead of putting things together randomly and then giving it a SUPAH POWAAAREHED story to ‘make up for it.’)


Your mocs can be whatever you want. But while you may like them, other people have different opinions, and may dislike what’ve you’ve done. It’s happened to me where people have critiqued a part of a moc I’ve made that I liked, so I don’t change it.

But I will say, that the people here usually give solid critique, with the intent of helping you improve. I’ve very rarely seen someone make fun of your moc with ill intent, and it usually doesn’t go with consequence.

Plus, swear words aren’t allowed.


I can attest to this from personal experience, and to add I would say many people are easier to help others grow and improve in my numoures post many people tell me what Indid wrong and what I can do better, and have helped me and pointed me to forms to help me improve, out of hundreds of people I have had one guy be a jerk and he got suspended

I have one word for this conversation. Technically two.
Let me put this in a less short way.

Not everyone is going to like a MOC you made, some people will not like it. That does not mean they are being rude. They are giving constructive criticism, which is to HELP you be a better MOCist. Seriously, would this MOC right here, look better than it does without constructive criticism?

No, it wouldn’t. This isn’t the best example since after I posted this monstrosity I disassembled it. But my point is, this is constructive criticism. If you do see anyone actually being rude, then for the love of god flag it. But if you see someone giving constructive criticism, maybe follow it.

This is called constructive criticism, which is supposed to help you make better MOCs. Even if you don’t have many pieces.


And this has been lessons with Toa Distraxx: Constructive Critcism versus insults


long story short, constructive criticism ≠ people hate you


I’ll keep this simple. Your MOCs recieve negative feedback because they leave a lot to be desired and need improvement. Recieving constructive criticism is not equal to recieving hatred. If you’re afraid of criticism, go to MOCpages or don’t post online.

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Sincerely: you certainly have every right to ignore critique. Nobody has perfect creations, even community legends receive some really harsh words on most posted MOCs. However — nobody in this community, not one single member became a respected MOC artist (or otherwise general community member, mind you) by not taking critique to mind when building, writing, etc. You can dance to the beat of your own drum, and certainly at your own tempo, but you can’t block out the sound around you.

Asking people to stop giving critique in a community built on helping each other improve is insulting to many. Be more gracious and accepting. And at the very least, don’t lash out against people for talking about your stuff when they’re actually, like it or not, taking time out of their busy days and attempting to help you improve.

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If you don’t have a lot of parts, maybe then it’s a good idea not to “waste” (your words not mine) on messy creations (your words not mine).


You’re telling the community what it’s supposed to be? Aside from your assessment being wrong, who put you in charge?

a please would be nice.

Alright, give an example.

And we can tell you exactly what’s wrong with them if you do.

… then, stop doing that.

but what if they are?

Then either
A) make something different
B) keep going
C)stop posting mocs
Option C is a last resort, learn to take criticism.

I didn’t know you could offend inanimate objects.

Criticism isn’t supposed to help the people giving it, you do understand that right? It’s meant to help the person receiving it improve.

I think we’ve all spent more than enough time on this childish tantrum against critique. Learn to take criticism or stop posting mocs, you’re not getting special treatment.


Constructive criticism, my dude. I recommend that you go back and use peoples advice. I have like no G1 parts at all, yet I can still (sometimes) find something somewhat interesting to do. I’d go back and revamp them using the advice. It’s the mature thing to do.

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True that.

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So you’re upset about our constructive criticism. So in other words, you’re upset at us for helping you out? Why?


Listen people I’m sorry I got mad and acting underage, I took your advice the wrong way and I’m gonna start taking criticism on the chin like a man, now how do I delete this topic.


You wait for a mod to do it