Wii U n' stuff


Anyone got a Wii U?

(Friend me! Mills99)

I do, but I barely use it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I just got my Wii U, and I’m having a blast with MK8. Nice pic, btw.

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I keep meaning to, but I think I might grab an Xbox One first. That Master Chief Collection…

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but kahi… mario kart 8


I was planning on procuring a Wii U late this year to play Smash, and then they announced MCC.

It’s definitely still on my radar but I probably won’t end up getting it until 2015. Good thing I have a 3DS!


MK8 M8!!! Nuff said.

MKart is without a doubt one of the best games on the U so far.

Ludwig for the win!

Have I been summoned? Must I discuss my Zelda Wii U? (By the way, who even reads books on a game console?) I gotta say, I wanted one from day one, and it’ seven better in hand. Now… Bionicle Heroes 2 for Wii U in 2015 please? With playable Omega Tahu and character customization? Please?

I have one, and I’m trying to get the Gold Glider in MK8, and then I’m done unlocking everything.

I’m that Nintendo fanboy who always gets the latest systems :P. I really love my WiiU and have most of the big name games for it. My favorite for single player would be Pikmin 3. It’s such a nice relaxing game while offering challenging stagy points to it. For multi player MK8 wins. It’s a ton of fun to play with friends.

I’m also really looking forward to Smash (I mean who isn’t though? :P)


@Takonius I’m vying for the gold glider too. About 1/3 of the way there.

@LQ1998 I can’t wait for Smash either, I just preordered both versions!

@ToaFlameLord Why aren’t we funding this?!

I will most likely put Smash on my Christmas list. The 3DS version doesn’t offer me too much interest right now because of all the 3DS game I still need to finish :P.
I’m really excited to play as Robin, as FE:awakening is one of my all time favorite games.