Will Do Rough Sketches For Free

That’s right, I’m here to do ANY Bionicle sketch you request. In fact, what I’m here to do is to sketch your Bionicle request as an anthropomorphised 'bot. Want proof that I’m up to the task?

That is the wonkiest logo I’ve ever seen.

Let’s get to it! Ready to draw?


Could I ask for a Hippie Dragon? Or does it have to be Bionicle related?

Do one of Lewa riding Uxar

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Not generally a fan of human looking Bionicle masks, but you do draw well.

Careful though, requests like these are ALWAYS a mess, you will get more than you can handle, trust me.


What @White_Rainbow said ^^^


@GIF.Man.Ben Yeaaaah, they kinda do. I kinda said that in the post… :sweat_smile:

@White_Rainbow First time trying the whole “commissions for fri” thing, so yeah… Nooooob

@8BitArt You just had to reply as I was writing this reply, didn’t you? /joking


Like I what @White_Rainbow said I recommend taking about ten requests then closing requests till there done.

Easy fix draw me as a Hippie Kardas dragon thing then.

I would actually recommend doing like 3 or 4 at a time.

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Yah that probably be a better option.

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Taking requests on the boards?

(p.s. can you draw voriki lol?)


given the amount of requests, you should probably close off for now :wink:

Before you stop taking requests, can you please draw my self MOC (Pictured below), and some Throwbots. And some Roboriders. And some Throwbots riding Roboriders. You get the Idea.


@GIF.Man.Ben Here is your hippie Kardas:

@Vicroen Here is your Lewa + Uxar:

As for the rest of you Decepticon punks, @ToaVoriki and @darkbrick999 are my last requests for now. I’ll say when I’m ready for more.


It’s amazing… I’m not sure what else to say about it besides amazing. I really need to start sketching again.

Also you drew these really fast.

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I am pretty sure I said Lewa riding Uxar but yah know this works to. Anyways nice drawings you got some skills to pay bills.


@Vicroen Thank you sir.

@GIF.Man.Ben After watching every Bayformers, one’s mind creates “realistic” robots at the tip of a hat.

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True. So very true.

Could you draw Carapar’s claw?

Draw Orenkahn for me

Also you don’t need to state that commissions are free
Also limit requests to about 10 a week maybe

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@EvilLobsterKing Erm… No?

@EvilLobsterKing Mostly because Carapar’s claw is not exactly something one draws. I looked it up. It’s very boring.

@Whaddon Yah sure