Will these sets be reviewed?

Alright Eljay

Will these be reviewed?

If not please can you review them?

Will you?
If not, will you? with sugar on top?


If I ever acquire any of them, I may review them on my channel. But I won’t review them under any of the TTV Review banners since I don’t count them as BIONICLE sets. They fall under memorabilia.


Those aren’t sets! Those are merchandises.

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He reviewed a few of them (the Bionicle Tooth Brushes)

I definitely had one of those watches. I’ve since upgraded to real ones, but I had one of those.



It’s a Lego Watch. Like… 5/10? A resounding “Meh.” Does that count @Eljay ? Can I be in the credits of your eventual Lego-Watch-Review-Episode-Extravaganza? :smiley:


I never reviewed the BIONICLE tooth brushes.

And that works for me, @Kini_Hawkeye! :smiley:

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Oops… it was the Bionicle pens actually

My mistake…

But that would be a good question…

it would be interesting

why not this one too :laughing: ?



Oh man I want that. Can you pls give me a link to buy it? :laughing:

OK, but for real now. Jokes aside, why do we need to see LJ reviewing every piece of Bionicle merchandise that contains a couple of official pieces that most probably were already reviewed in the regular videos?

I mean that’s basically what he does, soon he will have reviewed everything BIONICLE mwahahahahah

LJ’s initial goal was to review every Bionicle set. He did it. People wanted to see the polybags, and nagged him until he reviewed them too.
I find the need of reviewing Bionicle toothbrushes and watches who are considered “Bionicle merchandise” ONLY because they have two official pieces childish, ridiculous and extremely unecesary.

True, but eh, chances he’ll probably do it

If I am right, then why you made this topic in the first place?

I just wanted to know to be honest

No more discussion required, question answered, mods close!

You don’t need to close a topic after it got answered.

Yeah but I mean, I don’t want to be banned for starting an argument, I’ve already gotten a warning for doing so

Well for some reason Eljay seems to always close them after his official answer…