Will video games be on TV

Do you think that video games will ever be TV. With the growing popularity of ESL tournaments for MOBAs and other such games on Twitch I think that it's just a matter of time.


Are you saying stuff like if game conventions like MLG will be streamed on TV?

Yeah pretty much. Or even original games and shows.

so wait I'm confused, is this about video game based shows or tournament streaming?

Well the international has been shown on ESPN already....


Yes. yum

I think that tournaments, game shows, talk shows, or some kind of unique "dude, what would happen" show involving games could be on TV. I don't think strait up lets plays would be on TV though. One of the two would have to change quite a bit.


I'm not talking about a lets play but tournaments and the like.

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Yeah, that would be cool. Do you know how companies will get youtubers together to do stuff? I think that that type of stuff could be a show. King of the nerds is a good, but stretched example of a tournament TV show.

@LelouchViBritannia international what?

DOTA 2 tournament called the International


I don't play DOTA but thanks.

I guess it counts.



I kinda hope not.
TV is a dying media in the western world. The only reason for video games to be there may be to make older people to accept that it's an art form (like movies and books) and that it's a type of media. Other than that there is no reason for games to be there.
Also it may call for unwanted attention (like more money hungry businessmen).

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