William Furno, Strike Team Alpha Leader

As the hot-headed shot caller of the infamous Strike Team Alpha, William Furno’s reputation among both villains and fellow heroes is one of a harsh law bringer…

This guy was a lot of fun to throw together, and uses the exact same frame as my previous Evo build (Nathan Evo, Tactical Asault Hero), but with the shells swapped. I’m really pleased with the color blocking on this one, and I feel like I fixed the long neck problem that I originally had with Evo by adding some extra chest armor. Another fun detail is that both the shot gun and the grenade launcher have working slides. Expect some future HF builds set in this same ‘dark timeline’ type thing, with a more gritty aesthetic. Now on to the moc!

Reckoning cometh…

Thanks all for viewing, and also enjoy an unrelated bonus space ship!



I’m stealing the shotgun.

No, I’m not going to ask.

:laughing: We need more HF revamps. I love gritty retellings, excited to see your future MOCs.


Love those legs.

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pumps shotgun meanicingly “Over my dead body.”/s

Thank you!

Thanks, they’re actually super posable and sturdy, and also probably my favorite part of the moc.

This is one of the coolest hero factory mocs I’ve seen in a while!
Very clever foot design. The tire dos this seem to be enjoying it though lol. Though I do have to say, the custom parts seem a bit unnecessary??? Ehh probably makes the figure FEEL better to play with.

Instead of light and fluffy.

Now I want to make a hero factory rebooted sorta thing with more of that delicious lore. And actual characters.

The indent on the hands… personal preference is that I hold put it on the inside of the hand, and the hand foot would distract me too much lol.
But overall. I like it a lot! Might even build my own version!


Great gun designs, and very fun poses! Nice work!

Thanks you.

There are no custom parts on Furno, so I’m not sure what exactly you’re referring to.

Thanks, and if you want, I could probably give instructions on how to make the frame.

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Suprisingly I enjoy how those feet were made!
And the weapons look really nice, well done!


love this

I’d like to see the entire alpha team built in this style!


Custom made parts as in, using other parts to imitate prefabricated parts

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Nice! I’m an HF fan, so I really like to see fellow MOC makers making creations from this line


Thanks a ton! Your HF series was definitely a big inspiration!


Wow. thank you!

I agree!
Keep up the good work