So, last week, I wanted to draw Windblade, and I also wanted to make myself a poster, so I made this! At first, I was pretty frustrated with the paper being yellow, but I got over it when I realized it kind of looked like a Japanese scroll, which fit Windblade. Also, I tried to do some shading to make it look better, and I think it looks pretty good! Let me know what you guys think. As always, all comments and constructive criticism are very much appreciated!


Very nice. Love the turbines.

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Thank you!

really well done, nice colors

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It could just be me, but something about the inns seems off. Other than that, fantastic work…



This is why I prefer an actually keyboard, to this touchscreen trash…

Ok. Yeah, I can kind of see what you mean.

This is an RID 2015 character, right?

She is in RID, but she originated as a comic character. That’s the version I drew.

Actually she’s was created by the fans to put in the comics and than RID’15.

She was fan created, and appeared in comics first.

There is no “Actually” about it. Aiden never said she wasn’t fan created…

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@Spiderus_Prime @EvilLobsterKing I knew whe was created by the fans. I just
didn’t include that part. Probably should have, though.

Despite its problems windblade has my favorite (non tr or cw) deluxe figure and you captured her pretty nicely here.


Thank you!