Windfall's MOC topic

So I’ve taken it upon myself to make this, because if I posted these mocs individually, they’d get ripped to shreds. Regardless, some I already have posted here, but it’s like one image, like a refresher.

I’m going to go alphabetically.

Adrastia, Toa of Magnetism (CBW page)

Aeza, Toa of Stone (CBW page)

Ansameli, Toa of Psionics (CBW page)

Axurm, Toa of Stone

Bellata, Toa of Gravity (CBW page)

Calorrid, Toa of Fire (CBW page)

I’ll post more here later, of course.


these look pretty cool man


Thanks, bro.


Dude, these are friggin cool! I really like Calorrid, gives off a knightly vibe!

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These are pretty shweet! :smile:

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I love all of them and color schemes are AWESOME!

Aeza, Toa of Stone legs are a little wierd to me and ansameli’s upper arms are odd to me but the rest is great :smile:

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My favorite has to be Axurm. His design is so cool!

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@Keravnos Thanks! That is definitely something I tried to do, as he loves justice, so to speak

@Plural_Scrub Thank you!

@Das101fulYT I’m glad you like them!

@Darknova3529 I sort of know what you mean, but thanks anyways!

@Stoax It’s good you like him. He wasn’t the most popular elsewhere


Incredible. I love it. The tubes are fantastic.

The colours and everything look so amazing.

The colour scheme is beautiful.

Again, really cool.

That sword is awesome!

Eh, I’m not a fan of that mask.

Overall opinion: These are built amazingly well. 9.7/10

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Seen this MOC before. Still seems odd with that minifig hand on the stomach. I’m also not a fan of the shoulders, and the legs are blocky. The chest is cool, but I feel the legs are a bit fat–it’s odd when the legs are as long as the feet. Consistent colors, but it needs more gunmetal, and nice torso poseability.
Not a fan of the legs at all. I get the feeling those Metru Feet will fall to the side, they stick out too far, and the thighs are too wide. The torso is also rather skinny and odd-looking. Nice shoulder design, though; I’ve done that myself once or twice. And, in my opinion, the heartlight would work better in blue; IDK why.
First off, kudos for creating a poseable torso. That and the colors are really the only things I like about this MOC. Simple legs, weird, crooked arms, and mismatched colors like the red pin and the black pin on the arms.
Any relation to Polticle Slurm? JK. Anyway, the brown on the hammer bothers me, and the skinny stomach, but those are the only things I dislike. I mean, the arms are simple and kinda boring, but otherwise, this is my favorite so far.
I’m not really a fan of asymmetrical shoulders coughcoughHewkiimahricoughcough. I feel like the purple studs on the feet would work better on the outside. The legs look hard to pose, and I’m not sure what that is on the back of the head(?), but this MOC is pretty cool. Oh and: Really. Cool. Sword.
He’s green.

These are really cool man.

The top two look good.

I’d tell you what I think about the others, but my computer won’t let me see them.

Congratulations, you’ve just beaten the record for most confusing review ever. Sorry @PekekoaOfJungle, you’ve been usurped.

@TBT_Emerald Perhaps the CBW page would let you?

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That review wasn’t too confusing to me…

Good job! These are incredibly cool looking and well built MOCs!

Swapped computers. I can see them now.

Looking at them all, I would guess that they are a team. They also have a rather toa Hagah vibe.

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Yeah you

you are an amazing Moccist

confusing how? Calorrid’s review?

These all look spectacular! I especially like Adrastia and Axurm. :smiley: