Winter Bunny

In the spirit of the season. Happy waiting for the holidays =]

Building instructions


This is adorable af.


Pretty good for such a small build


Adorable mate! Just adorable! :smile:


I know this is nerdish, but…

You got the physicality of a rabbit down here perfect. Amazing for such a small space!

Nice job!


Adorable. I love that you included instructions too, will be making a copy for my little sisters! :smile:

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Glad to hear there’s use for the instructions. I figured the bunny was a neat decoration/toy, holiday season or not, and I wanted to share that. =]

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Very well done. Nice proportions and a very creative use of parts.

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Extremely creative for such a short scale. Usually animals need to be represented in a much larger scale because of their complexity, but this does look like a bunny while also being smol and cute. Great job!


For some reason I can only think of these guys acting like the killer rabbits from minecraft. All the matoran going like “Aww look how cute cute/cuddly/soft they look!” then they go to pet one or whatever and “Chomp!” faces start gettin eaten left an’ right! The Matoran’s huddle in fear at night while travelling, jumping at the smallest ruffles of leaves, screaming at the glimpse of white fur.

That reminds me of the killer bunny from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

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Oh man now if I ever get fic with one of these guys in it I’m going to have to have them act like this! XD

That’s just mean. Now I can’t sleep for the next month.

Poor thing can hardly walk with feet like that.

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Also I am your 600th sub on YT. :slight_smile:

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Neat. Didn’t even realise I’ve gained that many =]

We know what holiday you’re talking about. You didn’t say it but we know.

Well, holidays also mean days off (which I primarily referred to), not just the celebration.

No point arguing about it though. Happy waiting for Christmas holidays =]

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Nice and phat just how i like it

We likes it raw… and w i g g l y.

Now now, Smeagol, this is a nice rabbit. It looks cool, so we’re going to keep it alive.

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