Winter Solstice Discussion

I know at least 10 people here know about Winter Solstice. If not, here is a breakdown of it.

Winter Solstice is an old project, a Halo Reach machinima featuring the TTV cast(Eljay, Meso, etc.) from Pandemic Panda.


It’s a cool idea and I wish it could take off but we haven’t tried anything since last summer and we don’t have the time (right now) either.

Its OK, I don’t want to see it before BioCraft

Back in my day…

If I recall from some old, old, old trailer footage, it was original Halo 3 I think.

Uhhh… nope, if you go to the pandemicpandagroup channel or watch the trailers on the main channel, it was all Reach.


I swear I saw some halo 3 in there.

I know what winter solstice is! Halo Machinima!

You could be referring to TTV: The Halo Machinima, which was filmed on several Halo 3 styled maps in Halo Custom Edition. And yeah, unfortunately probably Invictus and I are the only ones in the group who still care about it. Producing and writing it was the reason why I stayed in this group for so long. =P

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I think Winter Solstace is one of those things that will only realistically get done if we were able to meet up in real life. Bionicle is coming back, and the Machinima movement hasn’t really see a lot of gain over the years (technically, I guess you could say it’s been replaced with the Let’s Play movement).

It sounded great to me when I first heard it, and I’d still like to do it. But we’ve got a buttload of Bionicle content that we’re working on. Winter Solstice keeps getting pushed farther and farther back up the production line.

But, who knows? Maybe the Master Chief Collection can turn things around…

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I CARE ABOUT IT! I must, unfortunately, echo Kahi’s sentiments though in regards to its realistic completion. I remember one of the biggest roadblocks was our desire to time its release with the release of a new Halo game for maximum hype. Unfortunately, Halo 4 was lacking a lot of features we planned on using (like Spartan Ops theater) and by the time we started caring about it, interest in the game had dropped. Master Chief collection has a very real chance of reigniting the spark, but I doubt it. If we were ever to do it it would pretty much have to be in Halo 5 at this rate.

But yeah, TTV: The Halo Machinima was a thing. The videos have been made private due to their less-than-good quality, but I always thought it was a very amusing series.



Sounds awesome, I hope Halo 5 is what you guys want it to be.

I actually think I saw some of them, the first few episodes a year back…
The one where you gais get stuck in the Halo World, and Eljay had forgotten how Halo works due to playing CoD?

That’s like in real life and playing different games of Halo. I remember I frequently went from where it all began(Reach) to the future(4). It was hard, but B being crouch was easier to do.

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Oh, and Mac,I will probably make a video tomorrow showcasing the MOC.

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Well, I guess I was beat by a long time to create this topic! I hadn’t seen it before!

Anyway, with all seriousness, I’m actually fairly new to the channel, although I came into it probably about a year ago now. Anyway, being the way I am, I went back to some of the oldest videos of the channel and just watched some of them. One was the TTVTHM on Ice, or whatever, and the other ones that really caught my attention were the Winter Solstice trailers. I’ve always kinda wondered: What is it truly about?

Alas, I don’t think I will get to know until the guys over Pandemic Panda feel they are able to make and release it, but you know, I think I can wait. There’s something with stories that the older they are, the more refined they get to be, and the better they are overall. So, I personally am excited to see what the future may hold!