Winterstorm345's YouTube Channel

so since i’m a Master now i’m allowed to post this right?
Anyway here’s my one and only video so far


Get to work, son. You’ve got more videos to make.


I take it you like it?

Good thing I’ve got thirteen more tracks ready to be made into vids

You masters and your ads…

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You Protectors and your nothing /s


Well, at least the protectors aren’t making insults at a joke.

Anyways, I think an introductory video should have something more to do with the content of the channel. All I really get from this is that there is lots of Bionicle related something. Not really sure what to expect from this channel


Joe, that’s the title of the song, you can expect more music

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I thought we were friends man, that was uncalled for

Alright, disclaimer for anyone who didn’t catch it,

This was a joke