WIP Atua's true form (V2)

his true, TRUE form…

thanks to all the bros that gave some useful crits back in the old topic
I have yet to smooth the mocs torso still, but I blieve I did a better job on the arms

any other useful feedback?

in another dimension

under siege

the inner soul

battle of the titans


remember this is still a work in progress, so don’t bash me up tooooooo much, please, pretty please…

oh… I see how it is then… scumbags


It looks better, that’s for sure
But I still don’t like how the leg bends back without it being triple-jointed
Other than that I enjoy this moc and pretty much all the other ones


I have never liked using those pieces as fingers.

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here we are inside the foot

Nice build, definitely a work in progress, though.


I think the legs could use another joint in them. Usually, when something has backwards-bending legs, it has a part that comes forward first, then the backwards part, then another forward part. Currently your looks like it can barely balance.
Very nice work on that head design though. I like the way the appearance of a jaw is integrated.

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He’s still too spindly, but and overall improvement.

well the 2001 turaga did use that piece for a foot…