(WIP) Elandor: lord of the Fae

I would like to preface this by saying that this is not my best quality moc. I am planning on doing a torso redesign unless I gut some good C&C and story will come when the character is more fleshed out. Other than that here’s Elandor.


C&C is welcome and appreciated.

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Thighs, feet, and maybe the torso are what set down this MOC for me, but other then those messy colors I like it

Thanks JMP, the red and green are what my brother wanted and I am currently in the midst of a revamp for the torso at the moment. Tweaks will be made along the way.

It’s a bit hard to see the exact build of the MOC, can you get better quality pictures of it?

Lord of Fae, or Lord of Fate?

Fixed, also should I use some CCBS limbs for the updated mocs thighs?

Not your best quality MOC?

I’m more worried about your not-your-best-quality images. I can’t make much out.

Better pictures and an improved torso should be up soon.