WIP G2 Boxor

Hey Folks, I’m working on another G2 Titan.

This time it’s the Matoran Mech suit that protected people from the scourge of the Bohrok, the Boxor. At current point, multiple parts need to be recolored replaced and ordered, but I want to show off the current progress. I have arms designed, but lack the parts to continue it. If you want to, comments and criticisms are appreciated.


Looks a little skinny. Perhaps give some more bulk

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What paint did you use for the mask?

That Nuparu figure, with that painted mask, is a shining stand out, in a good sense.

Oh, and this:

It should be much larger and have some sort of boxing function.

I plan to have him stand a head taller than the Beardly Onua Uniter, and I do want to make him a bit more stocky. He does have a gear function based off of Beardly’s proof of concept Quake Beast Gearbox, so when you turn the gear on his back, the arms individually swing back and forth.

@Hautaka I used a gold mask as a base, followed by some repeat coats of dollar acrylic paint I got from Wal-Mart.


Make the boxor a bit bigger, I think that would look good.

Oh wow, thats gonna be big, looking at Beardly’s quake beast designs I’m seeing a standard gearbox system, do you mean the one with multiple gears on the back? If you could do this it would be indeed impressive, good luck sir!