[WiP] Goliath | Elder Angel

So i had no ideas today, but ive made 2 things:

This random edited goliath photo

Terapungaya Islands ("home" land of Arch-Angel)


Huh...those arms look mighty fine.......

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An actual Update:

Ive altered main body (basicaly thats main change)

(I will change those black Paw CCBS parts with redish brown ones soon enaugh)


Looks good! I like the stance.

Um, G1 Pakari? It's kinda diamond shaped (and thus has two triangles).


Gold Kaukau, The Olmak(brutaka's mask), gold krahkaan

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I don't see any shape that remotely resembles a triangle... :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT: Oh wait, nevermind. Though I still wouldn't consider it a triangular mask.

Massie, I think he ment G2 Kaukau xP


either one works

Eathier way, my goal is to give him PearlGold Kraakhan, but Brick link is not the way to go for me

Torso is looking pretty "shway" now.

Update! (Done, but not realy?):

So he is preety much finished, I know most of you will say that he needs more brown on the front, and I agree. I need to buy 2 sets: PoS and that Chima ultrabuld set with dark tan (PoS to replace some parts in one i have (+ to get new type of head for Goliath) and DarkTan pieces to try out on this Angel...

So here he is!:

After are get all the parts neaded, he will get his topic! For now GB (good bye)!


nice staff. dunno about the gold placement...

I agree, yet he is still not all that much done!

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I was gonna make a joke about how you made his crotch,but it wouldn't be appropriate for this site...

ANYWAY this looks good. love the staff <3

what are you talking about? This is piston...


Oh nothing whistles

you're welcome c: