WIP: Kiina Revamp

I’ve always wanted to use the Kiina fin pieces to make a dress, and based on that sliver of an idea, I came up with this so far. I don’t know whether it looks good or bad but my standard for good would be that it’s proportionate and looks like a girl in a dress (so far). The color is not something I’m worried about because first I want to get the shape right.

I would put in the hands but I’m all out of ball joints. I have no clue what I want to do for the head because a mask will certainly not work since none of the supposedly female masks look female at all. Getting a face will be difficult, so perhaps I will just make a visor that will cover the eyes.
UPDATE: still don’t have a head, but tried to fix the body.


The torso build looks great, though the limbs look a bit too long. A brick built head would work well. :+1:

You think the arms look long? As for the legs, yeah I will admit that they are disproportionately long, though I had hoped that this was done in a similar style to how animators will draw their characters with longer limbs sometimes. I don’t know, maybe I will try shortening them to see if it looks better.

A brick built head? That is definitely an option but if you’re talking about those that rotate a brick 45 degrees to make up the face, I don’t think that would look too good.

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I think the arms may be a bit too long, by the time you stick some hands on, they will definitely be too long. If you’ve got a shorter version of the same piece, I’d try that.
In terms of the head, I’d look at some of the transformer lego Mocs, some of them use the 2x2 brick with either the ccbs ball or socket or check out Vanity by shadowgear6335.

Thanks for the suggestions. Both the transformers head designs and that of Vanity’s employs the same pointy piece for the lower face, which might be interesting to use.

Edit: yeah the arms are too long. I don’t think there’s an arm piece that is only 2 holes long instead of 3 though. 1 Is definitely too short

I love how tall she is; just as she towers over the other glatorian in canon

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Thanks, I chose the scale based on the shaping of the pieces, particularly the size of the dress made by the fin pieces. If she was any shorter, she would look less human. I guess you’re a fan of the long legs.