WIP Paradox MOC

WIP Paradox MOC

This is a place where I will post pictures of my Work In Progress Paradox self-MOC until it is done. Feel free to critique!

So far:
Lower body

WIP blaster arm

Staff(I would appreciate tips on a less clunky head attachment)

Full body:

Please give me tips, sorry about colors, I have limited parts


The body looks aight, but the blaster arm is cluttered as all get out

And I hope you're planning to fix the colors on the staff

but past that it looks pretty alright

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Looks interesting so far. It seems like you could work out a black/silver/gunmetal main color scheme with blue and red accents. The attachment of the gunmetal plates on what I would presume is thigh armor makes him look a bit fat, you might want to move those closer to the upper body or turn them upside down.

(meant to post this about the first picture but couldn't, still sorta my opinions though.)

I do think his arms could benefit from being based on normal CCBS limbs, the TECHNIC structure to them looks a bit awkward. I like how his torso armor is coming out, but could you remove the stickers from the Rotor pieces?

Yes, I will remove the stickers. I know the left arm looks awkward, but its supposed to be a replacement arm for one that was cut off, so I'm trying to make it look more stiff and mechanical, and CCBS won't do the trick. It looks terrible now, though. It is definitely one of the things I want to redo.

I have finished the torso and legs!

The legs:

The torso back armor:


Coolio feet

The legs do look a bit long for the torso (mostly the shins I guess) Other than that, coming along pretty well

EDIT: I take that back; it's the whole leg

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