WIP/ Proof of concept: Ekimu the Dragon Knight

So this is basically Dr Scorpion X’s Dragonic Surge build. This is just to see if it is possible to combine Ekimu and the golden dragon in such a way that actually looks good. It’s probably going to need a custom torso and limbs to get rid of the gappyness but I’m kind of at a loss what to do with it. Any and all ideas or suggestions are welcome.
Here he is :-


You made Ekimu into a Dragon Transformer? That’s ingenious!

Aside from the painful Visible-Head Syndrome that this thing suffers from (primarily in beast-mode) this really good.


@JMP Thanks :grinning:
@Marendex_T17 I know, Ekimu has a really fat head. Maybe when they do away with the whole “mask flipping off” gimmick it would be easier to hide.


You’re in luck! The 2016 sets have a new, shorter eyestalk part. :slight_smile:

Indeed, but the masks still flip :frowning:

Looking pretty good! Ekimu looks amazing, but the dragon form looks a little diminutive. That can be excused though, the size of the build dictates how powerful looking either can be.

Good job!