WIP: The Gatekeeper

Well hello there.

It’s been a while since I posted Aurai. Umarak didn’t really count either.

So, I’m just gonna drop the WIP I currently have here. At a standstill with the legs right now because I’m trying to avoid a fourth MOC with Piraka legs.


His…uh, her…it…?..the name is Aesis. Gatekeeper of Arthronis, and the first Antirevenant I’ve built.

All feedback welcome. I’m gonna go back to bed because it’s 2:40 AM over here.

Ekorak out.


Noice. Really like the one in silver. And i never realized how well green and blue went together. Obviously much better than i thought.

Ek can’t make legs, the end times are upon us.

As for leg designs, maybe take some inspiration from your previous ek legs, but bulkier, I feel like the design should have a more armored appearance, given the shoulders.


I think more green would be good, otherwise pretty good.

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Something about the blue looks out of place against the green. Some more green to balance it out or perhaps making the dark blue an accent would fair better. Good job otherwise.

Actually the silver character has been posted for a while. Topic’s over here if you’re interested. Thank ye!

I mean, technically Entropy, Silent, and Aurai all had Piraka legs. Beautifully shaped part but…hardly “glorious.” More naturally shaped than anything I can build in this scale, though.

I tested the actual design on this guy and…well, it’s way too big. BUT, I should be able to modify it. Could work, thanks for the suggestion!

The true heir to glory shall return soon.

There’s gonna be a little bit more green, but unfortunately it’s in short supply given that this particular color only comes in…three different parts? It’s highly metallic compared to typical Mata green.

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Oh that’s a nice torso, maybe you can make the shells on the arms dark blue to distribute color better? It would depend on the color of the head and legs though.

Can’t. Don’t have dark blue CCBS :stuck_out_tongue:

Head is a bit odd. I know how it’s supposed to look…but it probably won’t obey properly >.<

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