WIPs: the reason I have so little pieces

These are my work in progresses, hope your hyped, you’re probably not, nobody likes me, anyway let us begin with…


God forms:

Once again, hope you’re hyped, and once again you’re probably not.


The villains look nice


this is me

Hero 1:
A good and bulky ccbs build, but the color need some fixing later on.

Hero 2:
bare bone incomplete

Villain 1:
Skeletal Nidhiki, I how it’s turning out, but time will tell.

God From 1:
Same thoughts for Hero 1.

God Form 2:
Probably my least favorite wip of the bunch, it appearance to be a Makuta Diarus which still looks dull at the moment.

Your getting better on building, but the colors is still inconsistent.


The villain and the first god form look nice though I really like the good form


Not too bad. The villain esspecially I like; reminds me a bit of Claw from Ben 10.

but Im just but just curious; do you not have many pieces or do you just never take apart your Mocs?

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cool i really like the mocs

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You are too bad with yourself…
The heroes seems OK, but Why did the first one have a crocodile head hand?
The villain is pretty good.
The first good seems OK, but the second one is quite messy. It could be something epic.

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Well, they’re certainly WIPs, but they look promising from what I’m seeing.

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Mr crocodile hand is another of my past version characters, it is based off someone my brother made.