Wolf Makuta (Big)

This is/was my entry to the LEGO Makuta Contest.

The idea is that the energy created from the MoUP shattering fused Makuta’s body with the DNA of a nearby bio-mechanical wolf (like the ones from the first G2 graphic Novel) and made him look like this:

This head was my favorite thing to build:

Size Comparison(s):

So here you go @Ven, maybe it’s good enough for the month of Makuta spotlight series.

Any and all critique and criticism is welcome.


Oh my…

Makuta Anubis is real here.


Cool. The head looks cool from head-on, I think I’m clever but I’m really not but it seems a but odd from other angles, especially the eyes. The snout might benefit from being a little longer. Otherwise, it’s a very interesting design.

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Makubis? Manubis? Makutanubis? Makubis? Anyways…

The fact that you’ve got such a massive MOC that is able to stand up is impressive, but the sheer number of small pieces that make up its surface give it a rather cluttered appearance. It would really benefit from using some larger plate-like pieces to shape the chest, for example. The shoulders could also use more coverage. However, the head’s pretty darn impressive and I like the segmented look of the waist a lot; it gives the impression that he’s much more posable than I think he actually is.


Wow. When you say big, you really mean BIG!

Awesome work. Definitely big.

Holy sfinga ! This guy is massive !
Awesome mate 11/10 :open_mouth:

Ven has a thing where he doesn’t really spotlight things that ask for a spotlight.

That aside, holy crap this thing is big. However, I agree with Scorpion in most of his points.

Also, can the mouth close? That’d be pretty cool.

Yeah, about that…

Meh, I wasn’t really asking for a spotlight, I just figured I would mention it because he said something about the MOC spotlight having a Makuta theme for a while
I wouldn’t have posted this here if he didn’t say that. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeh, see what you’re saying, and I agree. I just think there’s have a better chance of getting featured if it’s not mentioned.

The arms are a little stubby, but impressive overall.

Sweet pecs


The head is probably my favorite part of the moc, but it seems too big for the rest of the body. But seriously. This thing is terrifying.

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This is pretty darn cool!

That’s finished already

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