Soo, as you might've guessed from the title - this is a Lego woodlouse made in 2 days for the "Constraction Telephone Game" on Eurobrick ( although rules of the game allow you to build for 7 days , this one was built in 2 days).

You may want to also check out my Flickr for more cool stuff. Also, here is the Flickr Album with all of the photos in amazing quality.

Btw, this is the first time I post on TTV boards, I don't think it matters at all, but whatever. And, since I have posted my old MOCs pretty much everywhere, I'm now in a position, where I don't know whether to post them here or not...I probably won't, but in case you think that I should, comment bellow to let me know.

Pretty cool, captures the appearance of what it's supposed to be based off very well.

Nice. This is so realistic. Welcome to the boards!

Looks good.

Lovely stuff! I love the kraata you used as those long, compound eyes.

I think posting your older stuff here would be cool! Perhaps you could just make one post with links to your other sites and pictures of some of your most significant MOCs if you're wanting to economise?


Dang, that's some pretty good shaping!

Also, good to see you here man.

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Quite a creative use of pieces, I especially can appreciate the complexity within the relatively small build.

Welcome to the Message Boards, TechnoVirus! I hope you enjoy your time here and I hope to see more of your MOCs in the future! =D

That's really good. The tan seems inaccurate, though. Also, he's four legs short.

Actually the ammount of legs is determened by the age, and species of the woudlouse. They can have up to 24 legs. Minimum ammount of legs also differs for different species, the smallest number of them is 6, here's an example . Also the MOC was only inspired by woodlouses, and since I didn't have lots of time, I did my best.


Very accurate! It does remind me of a Kraata.

@darkbrick999 @TechnoVirus

Isopods (woodlice included) are wierd and wonderful!



I think you'd need napalm to get rid of that thing! Holy crap

Amazing, just pure greatness

Thanks to everyone for the support! I really appreciate it!

( @Stoax @Zero @Hutere_the_Toa_of_Air @Gringat @Saxton @OculusNuva @darkbrick999 @moamahrimatoro @Umarak (Idk, maybe it wasn't the best idea to mention everyone like this, but either way, thanks!))

Simple and brilliant. My favorite combination.

Looks cool and kind of cute.

That's a wonderful use of the Pahrak pieces.

Beautiful use of kraata