Work in progress, first draft

Long ago, before the time we gathered and prospered, before the wars that tore Spherus Magna apart. Among this small world, towered great beings, gods of organic and mechanical creation. Six deities that stood before a planet with life they created and ignored, with power that could hollow stars and destroy planets. Six beings that tested the fates of life…and death… How these beings came to be is within only their own knowledge.

Angonce was the eldest, a powerful ruler to his subjects, the Agori people.

Heremus was the second oldest, a more closeted being, whom kept to his creations rather than rule the Agori alongside his brother. Though Angonce was more powerful, Heremus was more creative.

Botem was the third oldest. While not as powerful or creative, he was more open to new ideas. Using what others asked of him to be his method of creation.

Velika was the youngest of the brothers. He was not powerful, nor creative, or open. Velika was spiteful and perceptive, often stealing the ideas of his fellow brothers and sisters to his gain.

Artelia was the eldest sister, younger than Heremus. She was powerful and creative, focusing more on the creation of life rather than machines.

Lastly there was Kare. She was the youngest of them all, and small for the size of a great being. An Atua. She was creative, powerful, open, and perceptive. Yet, she refused to use her talents, and often lived amongst the creations no great being was responsible for, the plant life of Spherus Magna, and made it her home.

So far all that’s written. It’s not meant to be a continuation of G1, nor a link between G1 and G2. It’s basically more to learn about the great beings prior to The Shattering, as well as be its own individual story in the bionicle universe.



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Thank you ^^

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I like it; it’s a legitimately solid start. I would change the title of the topic if I were you, in order to bring in more readers.

You want to make sure that you are being intentional with your word choice; the terms that you choose will contribute massively to the flow and appeal of your story. Good luck.

Thank you! I currently have no title in mind, I’m just writing first.