Work in progress moc: Varta (Placeholder Mask)

This moc is really only missing his mask (It will be Turaga Dume’s once I get my bricklink order) But I wanted to show off his build and maybe get some critique.

The thornax launcher on his wrist is reversed like shown when he’s not in battle, same as the Onua Nuva Chainsaws on the other hand.

*Oh, as a very small detail I have changed the orientation of the bohrok eyes on his shoulder to be pointing back rather than outward


he has akward shoulders other than that nice use of the thornaxes and launchers

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Nice nice. hands shoulders a bit of the torso and the upper legs need work, maybe try a little bit of silver on those legs. Other than that it’s neat.

Yeah… Try to work at his color scheme.

I hope you’re not referring to the mask because it is a placeholder like I said. I got rid of the mata red from his colour scheme as well.

@Toa_Vladin I’m not sure what you mean then. Like I said mata red is gone now, so he has metru red, silver, black and grey.

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Si would change the gray with black as well. I would also work on the shoulders.

His silver needs to be spread out more