World of Mehri Nui

Well, it’s been a long long while since I’ve been active on any Bionicle related forum. However, throughout the years I never lost my passion for Bionicle and continued working on my own storyline ( which
I’ve been working on since, IDK, the Piraka got released ? ). Today I think I’m finally ready to reveal what I’ve been working on, so there will be some mocs and epics coming up soon.
On the other hand, I
wanted to something more than just writing and creating mocs, I wanted
to recreate this new world I created in my mind ( more information will
come sooner or later ). As I suck at drawing, I decided to go for
something I actually can do quite well. So I decided to recreate the
world and environments ( and only that ) in 3D. I’ve worked on it for a
few days now, and I thought I could show you the first wip.

you can see the WIP Madu Tree, based on the picture on Biosector01 (
credit for the text to them as well ). The textures aren’t done yet, I’m
currently using ones that I had lying around, but I plan on making
specific textures for these trees. If you have any suggestions or
criticism, don’t be afraid to say so !

Next up will be the Bone Tree based on the drawings in Faber Files.
See you soon !



I think what you’re doing is amazing and that you should keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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This is really good! I like where you’re going with this project. The only thing I would ask is just to make the text a bit more readable; I think the transparency is a bit too much with it. But it’s a creative idea and I’ve always been partial to worldbuilding projects. Keep it up, I want to see more.


Thanks guys ! I’ll take care of the transparency of the text, you’re right, it’s a bit unreadable atm. :wink:


his looks really cool