World War III (RP topic)

Athena opened her eyes. She was laying down on the grass of the Central Park. She stood up. Her whole body protested, but she knew she can’t stay there forever. Something bad happened: she looked around, and saw the hell on earth. Buildings were destroyed, trees were in fire. There were some citizens running around with bags and children in their hands.
She was confused! The last thing she was remembering was a nice walk next to the most famous park of New York. And now, everything was destroyed under a reddish sky.

Vlad also opened his eyes. His bed was more solid than he could remember. He soon realized that he wasn’t napping on his bed anymore, but on the carpet. His whole bedroom was destroyed, with a giant whole in the middle of the ceiling.
“What the heck id just happened?” He asked, confused.
He left his house, and saw the same hell as Athena.


Willie wandered the streets near Central Park, scared. Humans running and yelling, everything burning, all of it happening around him. He picked up the pace.

A part of the roof of a nearby building fell in front of Willie.

He yipped, then turned tail, running towards the direction of Central Park.

Once he arrived in the Park he observe that nobody was there, except for Athena.

Jake wandered the streets of a destroyed town. He came to a park, and noticed a few beings there: a woman and a dog, as far as Jake could see. He pulled out one of his colt 45 pistols and advanced, keeping cover and staying alert and cautious. When Jake got close, he stepped out and confronted Athena. “Who are you? what are you doing here?”

Jake pointed the pistol at the woman.

Willie walked forward cautious.

He sees the man pull a gun and whimpers, hunkering down.

Athena looked at him, confused.
“It’s not the time to be edgy, man! Look around you! Everything is destroyed!”

“Edgy? My parents were murdered… the world I know is gone… there isn’t edgy anymore. All there is… is death and survival.”

looking the woman over, Jake saw the same feelings in her that he had in himself.
“my apologies… I got a little carried away. You understand, don’t you?”
Jake offered his hand. “I’m jake.”

Jake bent down and ruffled the dog’s head. “Don’t worry… I won’t harm you now.”

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Willie stepped back, whining. He growls an obviously fearful growl. His fear was more than apparent.

He shoke his hand.
“Athena. Do you know what happened?”

A sturmtiger tank rolled down the street, crushing anything unfortunate to be caught in its path.

“um… as far as I know, my parents were killed and the world went into chaos.”

Jake kept his cool, but was visibly shaken from the events… he was still very shocked, even though he was taking it in quite well.

As the tank rolled down the street, Jake looked at it. He walked over. “Is this WWII era? german Sturmtiger? how’d you get it running?”
clearly excited about another WWII relic, Jake ran his hand on the tank’s hull.

“I can see this too!”
Then the tank came.
“Stop! Enemies!”
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The Tank rolls to a stop. Robert opens the hatch on the top and waves around his glock to make sure everyone sees it. “Wha’ da ya young folks want with meh tank ‘ere?”

Athena was looking at Robert skeptical.
“Are you friend or foe?”

Rob waves his gun around. “Ya say whether ye be friend or foe first.”

“We are only two guys and a dog that woke up in hell!”
She yelled.

“Calm down!” Jake said to Athena.
“We’re friends! don’t worry! you would be dead by now if we weren’t.” Jake waved his colt. “Besides, I’m pretty sure this is too ‘old’ for the soldiers that are making this world into El Diablo’s kitchen.”

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Athena was calm and was eyeing all of them suspiciously.