Worst Restaurant Experiences

I went to Logan’s Steakhouse right after going to see Dr.Strange.

It gave me food poisoning.

My mom, sister, a family friend and I decided to eat out at Boston Pizza on a Friday night. Needless to say, it was a wait. We ended up waiting at the doors alone for like half and hour, and another half hour just for the waitress to take our food order. In that time alone, she brought like three liters of ginger ale and would keep em coming whether you were done the glass or not even half way. I ordered a 10" meat lovers pizza for myself, because at this point I was starving. My mind was saying no, but my stomach said yes. Approximately forty-five minutes later, my food arrived and I scarfed down like half of it before the rest of the table had a plate between their elbows. I was at only two slices left when my mouth started burning like mad, and I sourced it down to the sausage on the pizza, and I even then began to notice how greasy it was and lost my seemingly unstoppable appetite a great deal. I painfully finished it, despite being nauseated from drinking so much pop in so little time. I was also scared that the waitress would forget our order because she didn’t even right it down, but she still nailed it.

though this is not to say anything bad about the restaurant
but anytime I went to a Harvester (a family grill restaurant)
I was sick sometime later
the main course was good so it would not be that (my guess it was the bread; potentially the barley in it, or I ate a bit too much bread)

but as for another time
I went to this small pub restaurant for a Sunday roast dinner with my family
t’was delicious
then when some of us were going to have dessert
the power cut out in the village
so we went back to where we were staying for a bit

now as for the last one happened when I was 8
I went to a Pizza Hut for my grandmother’s birthday
and when the food arrived
I hit my head on the table (due to me being a bit far back)
I now have this small scar on my the left side of my forehead now.

so TLDR; my worst moments when I have been to a restaurant. it was not problems with the service and such, but mainly an event that happened

My grandparents used to live in Missouri, and we got food from this place called “Purple Burrito” once. We ordered nachos and burritos. Unfortunately, the nachos were literally microwaved with shredded cheese on top, and the burritos tasted pretty bad.

Yeah, I live in Missouri, and I can vouch for the fact that the Purple Burrito is terrible.

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