Would Click be named "Click" in Agori?

Well, obviously Click is named after the English word, “click,” because he clicks with his mouth, and Kiina presumably chose the name for that reason.

Does this mean that the Agori word for click is literally just click, does Click mean something else in Agori, or would Click’s name not actually be Click in Agori?


It’s implied that the Agori and Great Beings speak English, since one of the 2009 serials specifically says that they have the word ‘open’, with the same meaning as English, and starting with the letter “o”.

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Their written alphabet and a few terms may differ but, like in a lot of fiction, their ‘Common’ language is usually English or whatever language the audience/participants speak natively.

Even if the language is different, “click” is an onomatopoeia based on the sound of a click, so it’s usually the same in different languages, though spelled differently. And since most of the words in Agori follow the same letter pronunciation rules as English, it’s likely that “click” would be spelled the same.

(also, thanks for giving me an opportunity to use the word “onomatopoeia”)