Would you Leak it?

This is a hypothetical moral question:

Imagine that you have a friend or an acquaintance who works for lego in the bionicle section.

He or she actually works on the build team and not only makes some of the new bionicles but also has plenty of inside knowledge of the story and future of Bionicle.

Like I say, you're casual friends, maybe even distant cousins.

On the one hand -- getting very close to this person could be very profitable. with the right persuasion you might be able to get leaks way in advance of the sets and storyline. You might even be able to get sets months in advance! The possibilities are powerful; in the bionicle community you would basically have superpowers. If you were dark enough, you could betray your friend and leak information, news, or pictures of sets long before they reached shelves.

On the other hand -- he or she is a good friend; it would hurt to betray their trust. you could lose your friend and the possibilities they could offer you.
They might even lose their job if you pushed them too far; and is it worth it?

What would you do?


I should hope that no one would do this in real-life, so tell me; what would your character do?


This seems pretty specific...SUSPICION RAISED! But in all seriousness, you should never leak anything; it not only ruins LEGO's reveal for a set, but it also might make your friend/cousin/acquaintance lose their job.


Precisely. I only added this as a topic as an entirely hypothetical idea; similar to how tv shows portray hypothetically making meth, or video games portray the theft of others property and cold-blooded murder..

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If I found out through a friend, I'd revel in the fact that I know what most fans don't.

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I would totally just post it here, and not tell anyone I know IRL

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As tempting as it would be, I wouldn't do it. My friend's job would come over the fairly-small BIONICLE community.


If it means that my friend/family member will lose that job, then it isn't worth it. To me it wouldn't matter even if bonkles became the most popular thing in the universe.


I know I would be upset If I lost the coolest job in the world.

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I would not leak it, my friend's job is more important then leaking plastic toys


I wouldn't even want to know about the future of bionicle ahead of everyone else. It would be so boring. Imagine everyone around you making speculation about things you already know about.


To be honest friendship is worth more than plastic. Just saying it out there dont get mad!

I wouldn't do it. We all know that we're going to see those sets eventually anyways. What's 15 minutes(or days) of fame in a relatively small online community for an entire lifetime's worth of friendship? A misstep in judgement is what it is.


I'm sort of okay with leaks.

Just as long as they're not from anyone I know.

If I had a friend who wanted to leak stuff, I would probably tell them not to for the sake of keeping their job.

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I would 100% pry them for information but I would absolutely not leak it to the general public. I think that's what any of us would do. Some would probably leak it by accident, telling a couple friends who tell a couple friends and so on and so forth. I would do my best to keep it confidential, but I would certainly try and get the inside scoop out of them.


I'd be way too nervous about trying to pry info from them, but if they gave it, that'd be cool.

I'd only post it here or anywhere else if they gave me permission, though.



I'm listening

Tell the world!!!

OK, Imma be honest. My sister has worked on several TV shows (and plans to work on The Lego Movie) and with every single TV show I could definitely ask her what is gonna happen in the show. But it seems that every time I don't. She even told me things and even showed me things for Transformers Rescue Bots but I had no regard for it and didn't do anything with the information.
As for what I would do. I wouldn't ask anyone for information and respect their NDA or whatever because constantly asking someone for this kind of stuff becomes very annoying.


I would keep the info to myself

sorry @Mesonak

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honestly, just provide some sort of minimal proof that they do in fact work at the lego store (a picture of the uniform would suffice) and then the information in text. it's solid enough proof to convince people while still maintaining complete anonymity

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I would keep it to myself most likely

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