Would You Rather...? (Game)


Would probably hurt a bit less.

Would you rather be a Matoran or an Okotan?

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I'd be an Okotan, I can love and use elemental masks :stuck_out_tongue:

would you rather fight a bear or a tiger?



Would you rather be awesome but a jerk, or lame but nice.

Sorry if this has already been said.

It'll also leave a much bigger dent...

Matoran. If I get my hands on a Toa Stone, I can become a Toa.

? Here's my WYR. Would you rather sleep with your dog, or eat lunch with a fish?

I don't have a dog, so eat lunch with a fish it is assuming I don't eat the fish

WYR visit Mars or the Marianas Trench?

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mars. sold.

WYR Be the king of Jupiter, or the Prince of Saturn. This is 4512, people live on jupiter and saturn.

My immediate inclination would be to be a prince because of less responsibility, but I like a challenge, so King of Jupiter!
Would you rather have one of each of the Bionicle Titans, or unlimited amounts of Hero Factory small sets?

Bonkle. Always Bonkle. HF sucks.

WYR be a crocodile or an aligator.


Who cares? They're literally the same thing.
yes zoologists. get angry. your salt is delicious
Would you rather be walk away from a colossal explosion like a boss, or look at it like a... not... so... boss.


Walk away like a boss.
Would you rather be a Toa of Lightning or Magnetism?

Lightning to power my Core Processor X-11 Gaming Rig with Dual Monitors and 16 GB hard drive and 19 px graphics card thingamabobber.

I can maek joak gud

Would you rather have no FPS games or no Puzzle games?

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No puzzles. I can't give up my Borderlands or Fallout NV
Would you rather be transported into the last movie you watched or game you played (and what are they?)

Definetely (Bionicle MoCo app>>>>>>> BvS)

Would you rather have more weird combos like the twotoa (accompanied by horrible names too) or have no combo models at all?

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None at all.

Would you rather have infinite Bionicle technic pieces or infinite CCBS pieces and shells?

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Technic. You can make ccbs substitutes out of Technic parts.

Would you rather be Odin from Norse myths or Zeus from Greek myths?


Technic. More versatile when you have TONS of it.

This also means I have an infinite Kanohi collection.

Odin. He's less of a jerk, and has cooler powers.

Would you rather have infinite G1 Bionicle Kanohi in their original colors, or an infinite amount of one in any color, ever?

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This one hands down. I would have a rainbow of Olisi
That's right
That's the mask I want.

Would you rather have the mask of control or creation?