Would You Rather...? (Game)

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Not sure why I forgot.


Would you rather die happy or live a life that is endless void of sorrow and suffering?

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Die happy.

Would you rather have to type in all caps for a week, or rename every account you have to “FNAFFAN2004” for a month?

Type in all caps for a week, since that is something I can at least explain…

Would you rather get the most expensive Bionicle set released or the most expensive Lego piece ever?

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because more parts.

Would you rather drink dirty bathwater or grease for a day?

Dirty bathwater…followed by bleach…

Would you rather be forced to watch every old 80’s cartoon, or every cartoon released after 2010?

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because G.I. Joe, Transformers, Jem, M.A.S.K., etc.

Bleach or Cyanide?

Every old 80’s cartoon, since I actually like watching old cartoons/TV shows.

Would you rather rewatch the Bayformer movies, or the entirety of the American Transformers G1 cartoon?


also, get kapura’d, @Joe:

(BTW, that question still stands)

Uhm…Whichever one kills me faster.

Would you rather rewatch Transformers Beast machines, or Transformers Energon?

Energon. Better VA and animations.

Would you rather have g1 fallen in bayformers or bay’s Megatronus in IDW

G1 Fallen in Bayformers. (cuz he lookz cewl)

Would you rather have Transformers end forever, but Bionicle lasts forever. or the other way around?

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Bionicle… TF is good but I’m happy with what we have.

Would you rather be Icarax or Teridax?


Would you rather mop the floor, or wash the dishes for a year?

Wash the dishes, as it takes less time.

Would you rather be given a year’s worth of Bionicle sets or food?

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(Call me stupid)

Would you rather build a good moc that people wont like or a bad MoC that will be liked?

Good moc that people won’t like.

Would you rather only be able to use black armour shells, or white?

Good MOC that people won’t like. It’s a personal satisfaction thing. And not liking something doesn’t mean they hate it :stuck_out_tongue:

Would you rather be given a prototype part or a set an entire year in advance of it’s release?


Depends on the set or part, but in general, the set.

Question still stands.

White (since I kinda need it for my Self MOC).

Would you rather have to pay for your food or Lego (assume that the one you don’t have to pay for you get for free)?

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