Would You Rather...? (Game)

Lego, because food is a necessity and I would have to get it more often.

Would you rather make a great system moc, or a below average technic moc?

Great system MOC.

Would you rather be a good person and hated, or a horrible person and loved?

Good person, hated. - it reminds me of one czech short story about a Doctor that was hated because of rumors and succes of his father but was brilliant scholar.

Would you rather win a contest by cheating or end up last honorfully?

I’d rather end up last honorably.

Would you rather be amazing at drawing or custom painting Lego parts?

Drawing. I don’t like painting my parts unless it’s a mask.

Would you rather pilot a mobile suit or be a Makuta?

Be a Makuta.

Would you rather eat nothing but Granola bars for a week, or drink nothing but grape juice?

WYR die painfully at the end of everyday, and get resurrected at midnight, or have to repeat the same day over, and over?

The first - seems like life of Kenny from South Park

Would you rather watch only pewdiepie or only filthy frank in all media?

at 0.5 speed.

also, Filthy Frank.

BWII or BWN, to the transformers fans.

BWII - also energon might sound like the voice actors were on lethal dose of Aderall but BM had freakin’ Jetstorm…the most annoying thing next to Jar Jar.

still, the writing of BW.

also, there’s a reason TFWiki has a “pain count” for energon episodes.

also, ya forgot the question, m8

Would you rather be a Toa in Toa/Makuta wars or a Jedi during the Galactic war of the Sith Empire and the Old Republic

A Toa, better chances of survival.

Would you rather be forced to live in hiding for a week, evading the government and becoming the most wanted man in the world. Or be forced to be constantly bombarded with paparazzi and the like for a month.


Government. Paparazzi are bloodthirsty savages.

Would you rather be locked in a small dark box for three years or listen to every single bit of cringe music that exists for one month straight?

Cringe music for sure.

Would you rather have 20 Stars Tahu, or 20 Stars Takanuva?

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Would you rather go skydiving without a parachute, or wear an open parachute for the rest of your life, unable to close it?

Skydiving with no parachute. Reason?: open ocean! yayyayayay water!

To all those anime fans out there,
Would you rather binge watch Crunchyroll on free trial for two weeks, or buy Crunchyroll and only be able to watch one anime of your choosing?

This, because I don’t have the money to buy a Crunchyroll account at the moment.

Would you rather stop collecting Lego Constraction or stop collecting Lego system?

Stop collecting System.

(I have not bought a system set in two years anyway)

Would you rather die of Starvation, or thirst?

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Thirst it’d be quicker
Would you rather find a dead body on your way home, or a car wreck