Would You Rather...? (Game)

Car wreck.
There’s a chance the people survived, and there’s little chance of someone wrongfully blaming you.

Would you rather only be able to drink orange juice, or Apple juice?

Apple juice

I don’t like orange juice.

Would you rather binge watch all of any superhero show or a Lego TV show?

Considering I’ve done both, I’d say Lego, at least at this point, as I need to catch up on NK.

Bacon or Steak?


Would you rather have Bionicle come back again, or Exo force?

Exo Force

I think it would last longer.

Would you rather write a research paper on Bionicle or your favorite food ever?

Bonkles. Cause I know what Bonkle is.

Would you rather have a LEGO Mcdonalds theme or a LEGO Burger king theme?

Burger king, because it’s not McDonalds.

Would you rather be beaten up by Daredevil or Batman?

Uhm…Depends on which version.

(If I was beaten up by BvS Batman…imma screeewd.)

Would you rather get Malum or Gresh?


Malum. More interesting guy + Karapar chestplates

Raanu or Tarduk?

Tarduk, Cause he is interesting and green.

2001 or 2004?

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2001- Tarakava FTW

2005 or 2010?

2005 A movie, a ton of cool sets, and a neat story.

2003 or 2015?


so, 2005?


Berix or Zesk?

Zesk, I need his mask.

2007 or 2006?

2007 Remember my 1st set being Kongu Mahri.

2002 or 2008?

2008, cause more nostalgia and vehicles.

2008 or 2009?


I like 2009 but love the 2008 Makuta sets.

2002 or 2004?

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2004, which is probably my faveorite bonkle year.

Jaller X hali or Hwekii X Macku?

@HewkiiDaKohliiHead X Macku all the way

PB&J or PB & Pickles


PB&J, Because I am not freaking weird.

(My mom and brother are though…)

Jelly or Jam?

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