Would You Rather...? (Game)

Eternal happiness. Cause if their both eternal you might as well be happy.

Eljay or Kahi?

Kahi #teamkahi

Punching someone or kicking someone?

Punching someone, much more satisfying.

Death by gunshot or death by sword?

Death by gunshot.

Never watch TV or never play video games?

Videogames, as my parents won’t let me get a gaming console anyway.

Optimus prime or Optimus Prime?

Optimus Primal :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Water or soda?



Trukk, or Munky?


Would you rather rather a rather rather or a not rather?

Woah… what?? Umm… i’ll ahh… rather a rather???

Would you rather be a cat for the rest of your life, or be an eyeball sitting on a shelf for the rest of your life?


I’d be fun.

Weeb music or Vaporwave?

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Ahh… hmm… I’d say Weeb music.

(Because its anime. and automatically assuming someone is a weeb just because they like anime is weird. People can like anime without being a weeb.)

Would you rather be a two headed dog, or be a two tailed dog? (The front and back of the animal are the same)

Two headed dog, because why not.

WYR fight Alduin in real life? or Dahaka in real life?

Alduin 'cause I know who he is.

Would you rather have Morgan Freeman or the announcer from Halo narrate your life?

Morgan Freeman.

McDonalds, or Wendys?

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Wendys definitely; burgers are jucier and they have chilly

would you rather have the MoUP or the G2 Vahi be released officially?

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MoUP, cuz it looks so cool and it belongs to Makuta.

Would you rather fight Darth Vader or Batman?

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Batman all I have to do Is say “my moms name is Martha”

would you rather step on a lego piece or burn in lava?


Lava, it hurts less.

Would you rather eat a burger or eat a cat?

A burger, but it HAS to be cat meat.


If you could only be able to do one dance move for the next rest of your life, dab or nae nae?

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Nae, because it never caused me trama.

Would you rather burn in hell for all of eternity, or watch Beast Machines for the rest of your life. (Tough choice I know)

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