Wreax: Spirit of Insurrection (self-MOC) (G1)

Heyo all! This is my trench coat-bearing, katana-toting pistoléro self-MOC, Wreax "Havoc" (Wreak havoc? get it?), a former Toa, Dark Hunter, Contract Mercenary, Bounty Hunter, and constant insurrectionist.
I had this whole thing of how Wreax became a Toa, killed somebody by mistake, evacuated the Matoran Universe, then came back when the air was toxic and robot was uninhabitable to receive his unintended victim of many years before's mask, and eventually had to put it on. It was the Mask of Insurrection, and if you're interested, you can read all about it here- https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10844010/1/BIONICLE-Dusk-of-Darker-Days-Sequel-conclusion-to-Dusk-of-the-Toa
It's kind of a plug.
Fanfiction get's a really bad rap from pop culture but it's actually a great tool.
Realizing his destiny, Wreax must help the Toa, to defeat the Dark Hunters.

Bringing down his katana, the bes'bev, to strike!

Too warm for coats. Obviously.

Wreax isn't just barrel chested. He's quad barrel chested.

He's an outlaw loose and runnin', comes the whisper from each lip, and he's here to do some business with the Big Iron on his hip.

So this has been Wreax. He is currently (Spoiler if you really want to read my fanfiction) dead, stuck in limbo. But just *where* is that "limbo"?
So yeah. This is Wreax, Toa of Plasma (probably should've said that earlier but he's only Toa by species and not occupation) or, ('nother fanfiction spoiler) a great being . He lost an eye on his aforementioned return to the Matoran Universe, holds grudges like clockwork and believes in no higher power than people themselves, once united. He does not believe in destiny, only old, crazy, senile elders such as Vakama.
This was V5. Thanks for lookin'!
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The backstory doesn't make much sense to me, but the MOC itself is pretty cool. That color scheme is always nice, and I quite like the lower legs. Shoulder area design is nice, but the arms and shoulders feel like they're placed too high on the torso. All in all, could do with some refining, but it's a very nice starting point.

I love it.
Especially the coat, I need to get one of those(pieces?).

If you wish to challenge the wall of text at http://mocpages.com/moc.php/397704 then it shall answer your call :stuck_out_tongue:
It's more conclusive there.
Thanks for the advice, Chro. Noted for the next version.

Yes indeed. Furno XL.

But what the heck does the "Mask of Insurrection" even do?

It's a legendary Kanohi I made up. It's like a Calix of the mind. It enhances Wreax's ability to plan, co-ordinate and execute attacks and let's him be cold, unfeeling and calculating in battle. It can alter predestined events for better or worse (E.g, in Dark Mirror, Wreax potentially could have overthrown the Toa very quickly). It can allow the user to improvise unplanned speeches which would rouse troops and skyrocket morale. In the story Wreax uses it to pick out enemy commanders while sniping to kill and throw the enemy into disarray. Hope I clarified. Thanks for calling me out, I never did actually say what it did.

Hmm alright. Bit of a misleading title but it's got an interesting power.

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I love those shoulder pieces. Gives a lot of inspiration. creates some monstrosity


I have yet to read the story (I probably will, though; it sounds interesting) but I'll do a quick review of the set.

Legs: While I do like the boot effect, the legs kinda stick out in the back. The Burnt Orange spikes throw off the boot effect, but I'll give them a pass because they look cool. The light grey (or is that silver) plates on the sides of the upper legs kinda interrupt the color scheme.

Body: No complaints here. Those blasters were completely unexpected.

Arms: the Arms are too short for proper proportions. The shoulder spikes, however, are clever.

Weapons: My only (small) complaint is that the Katana doesn't have an edge, like a blade.

Head: The missing eye effect is cool. In some pictures, it reflects the light and looks white, ruining the effect, but I must wonder what it looks like IRL. Can I ask what you used?

Overall: The MOC is pretty good, my only real complaint is the short arms and the thick lower legs. Everything else is really nitpicking.

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Dem bare thighs tho.

Could also do with no silver and a less contrasting waist. Shins also seem too bulky for the rest of him. Besides those nitpicks, I like it.

Toa of Plasma
Wears Kakama
Blue eyes


as for actual critique:
Those lower legs look oddly familiar for some reason...
the upper legs need a lot more armor,
I personally don't mind the silver, but there needs to be a little bit more.

the fact he uses a katana of all weapons only mildly bothers me,

I like the overall silhouette,

could use some work. but I think it's good.

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cool were did you get the inspiration.

Really nice moc i coulndt make a better moc than yours my self rigth now

why is because i dont have the parts to make cool mocs and then i useally i make things to complex.

I remember when I first saw you on MOCpages and you had that weird fusion of a Metru torso and an Inika build and the stomach was farther out than the upper body.

You've come a long way I see.

Please don't advertise your MOCs on another person's personal MOC page unless they ask you to. It clutters the page and detracts from the original MOC.

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Indeed. I'm still proud of that design, regardless of how crap it is.

lol & thanks

As for the legs, I like them like that to contrast his giant boots.

To answer your questions, - and first off, big thanks for reading, it is appreciated - light grey plates on legs, Katana does kinda have an edge, but it does take some imagination. There's no good opaque katana piece, so I think I did an okay job improvising. The eye is litterally a two-axle piece jammed between the mask/head. It looks better IRL, and is dark orange like the Kakama piece. Finally, the arms are fine compared to me IRL, but I think it was the placement of the shoulders as Chro said.

As for @biotuber2000, it's just practice that makes perfect :slight_smile: Wreax was inspired by Boba Fett from Star Wars at first, but his design changed from there. I hope I helped :smile:

Thanks all!

Overall, you did a very nice job with this. The weapons look great. However, I think he looks much better with the cape ON, which kinda adds to his rogue-like status. Nice job!

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Pretty sweet build.

I like his weapon too.

(smacks forehead)... this is a MOC, not a set.
Not that it isn't good enough to be an official set.

Now I can see it. How odd that I've never seen that piece before.

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reminds me a lot of TFA