writing tips

Hello Greg,
I’m trying to write my own book and I can barely think of concepts to continue my story. I was hoping that you could give me some tips. I really would like the help.
Thanks, Cyo
P.S. I really like the mazabok plant that was in Mystery of Metru Nui (sorry if I miss spelled that.)


I have generally found, myself, that if my story isn’t moving it’s because at some point I made a character do something they did not want to do. I once had to go back and toss 40 pages of a novel I had written because of that. So that’s a place to start.


How do you overcome writer’s block? Also, how do you recommend creating stories? Should you plan it or go with the flow?

Was this book the BIONICLE Legends: Invasion?

No, it was from my pre-LEGO days.

If I get writer’s block, it tends to be when I am writing stuff on my own rather than for an assigned project – a freelance project has a check at the hand, which cures many ills. But I will usually handle it by doing something that isn’t writing – work a different muscle in my head and let that one rest a while. A lot of time writer’s block is associated with what I mentioned before, your characters have gone off track somewhere and are now refusing to cooperate.

I don’t outline my stories. When I do, my writing suffers and I lose interest, because I already know how it is going to end. I prefer to let characters and stories evolve as they want to rather than force them down one path or another.

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