X-Com - Bionicle

So to start this off I had gotten really bored with the latest X-Com that was released. I mean, Enemy Within added some interesting new things but it really didn’t feel that fresh to me. But recently I got the idea to try and recreate some of my favorite characters from Bionicle in the game as my soldiers and see if that spiced things up. To help I added some of the 2nd wave modifiers to add in some randomization like randomizing everyone’s skill tree. So far it has been pretty fun. I’m currently at the point where you do the mission that “gives” you Zhang. I kept an early save so that I might be able to go back and do a couple of videos based off of it. Until then I’m just having fun. Although I do feel bad for save-scumming but that is mainly because how long it takes to create just one of these characters.

Here are some of the characters I’ve made so far:

Pictures to come later because I can’t upload pictures because I’m still “new”.

It will be worth it when it does. That is if you care anything for X-Com.


Lt. Glatorian “The Jungle” Gresh - Sniper
Skills: Headshot, Squadsight, Disabling Shot, Resilience
Original nickname was “Snake Eyes”.

Lt. Toa “The Omega” Tahu - Heavy
Skills: Will to Survive, Fire Rocket, Rapid Reaction, Grenadier
Original nickname was “Prototype”. I might would have kept it but I couldn’t make it “The Prototype”.

Lt. Toa “The Seventh” Takanuva - Support
Skills: Suppression, Bullet Swarm, Resilience, Smoke Grenade

Lt. Toa “The Angelic” Hahli - Assault
Skills: Rung and Gun, Will to Survive, Lightning Reflexes, Rapid Fire

Lt. Toa “The Ocean” Gali - Heavy
Skills: Will to Survive, Fire Rocket, Suppression, Field Medic
Got her first nickname at the same time as Takanuva. Her first nickname was “Lights Out”.

Sg. Toa “The Stone” Pohatu - Assault
Skills: Run and Gun, Rapid Reaction, Tactical Sense
The game gave me him at this level and his nickname was originally “Tombstone”.

Cr. Glatorian Kiina - Assault
Skills: Run and Gun, Tactical Sense

Sq. Titan Axonn - Heavy
Skills: Fire Rocket
He will soon be turned into a MEC Trooper as soon as I can build a MEC Lab.

Sq. Titan Brutaka - Sniper
Skills: Headshot
He will soon be turned into a MEC Trooper as soon as I can build a MEC Lab.

Those are the ones I have so far. The reason why their names are a little weird is because they have to have a first name, last name, and, once they reach a certain level, a nickname. None of those can be blank either.

Feel free to suggest nickname changes for these guys. You might can come up with better ones than I can.

Still can’t do pictures. That kindof sucks.