X squad pt 4

When it is revealed that in another universe giganite was killed by Scorpix, the team were dumbfounded, but it’s what they heard afterwards that really made their spines tingle, giganite was revived as giganite KID, a Rainbow coloured mess with intense power, but the giganite of the main timeline was certainly an equal to him.

It is soon revealed that the dead body of giganite was possessed, supernova knows of a species called lucient sprites and has heard they can possess dead bodies and rahi animals, after finding out that one of them Magnus light had been the one to possess giganite, graxx in his samurai form along side Rex saurusse had gone to KIDs timeline to stop him and Magnus light, they killed Magnus but not KID, he was proven to strong and they couldn’t beat him, graxx was even knocked out of his samurai mode.

But eventually the team would get more help, for scorpix and G.KID had teamed up, so two new members of day saving (and again my own bionicle original series called trouble is good) would help the X squad, this time as official members.

This was trouble 1 and trouble 2, very strong on their own, but when they fuse into double trouble, there was few on this planet that could beat them, as they were stronger than a Toa nuva or a makuta. Death rattle returned so it was a matter of time until Titan would arrive, and he did so… With a guest.