Xbox One Party Ideas

Since @MikeEmeraldBlade, @Middlefingerstudios, and I had so much fun on MCC, I wanted to have another party, but I don't know what game to play. Any suggestions or ideas?


I sadly don't have anything besides halo, destiny shudders, Titanfall, minecraft, and a few other games

Destiny was a game I really wanted to have a party on, but I don't own it, and if I bought it, I'd be a noob.

ehhhh I don't recommend Destiny for reasons I'll explain later

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Could I join you guys? I have a Xbone, I just can't figure out the newer party system.

Of course! Got any ideas for a party?

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I have AC: Unity and MCC

I guess we could have another MCC party.

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we should probably make a time for when to do it, maybe next saturday?

do any of you have minecraft?

I was planning on having it some time in June. Next week Saturday would work for me.
I also thought about getting Minecraft.


I have the XBOX One, but sadly; I don't have Xbox Live gold or whatnot. cry


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if you need a trial card i've got an extra that I don't need

I've got one too.

I'm good guys, I don't really play that much anyway; it would a waste to use it on me.
@MiraculousPrime @MikeEmeraldBlade

Anyone want to meet up on xbox 1 this Saturday?

sure, I shall

How about a Xbox party where everyone pitches in and buys me an Xbone! stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes


How about 8 or 9 pm est on saturday then

Actually, I won't be able to.