Xedrix The Bounty hunter

My new mock Xedrix is a being made of pure energy and has armor to protect that energy from being harmed. just some backstory for this moc to make it more interesting


why did you not just edit the description into the first topic?



Crimson tahu eh?

His shoulders, lower arms and legs seem awkward, but with work he can be improved


I second basically all of this

still though, it’s an alright MOC

that was the idea of that picture

i know it looks odd and i have no idea how to fix it

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what did i double post

Yeah, heh.


Looks a lot like Tahu, and it’s a little too gappy. It’s pretty cool, other than that.

I thought it was “Grayskull”.
This is pretty good, looks a bit like Metru red Tahu.

i got this from iron man. but mostly in colors

i like the shoulders, but it looks a tad generic on the whole

the colors look amazing ! good job with this

Very nice. Could do with a bit more of that blue, I feel.

A solid MOC, though the legs (and sorta the shoulders) need work. I do like how you made the blue pins work thanks to the accents. Generally, this is a good MOC.