Xelorox - The protodermial menece

So I decided to do a big CCBS build, and yeah... I think it came together pretty well.
No story other than the title.

Feel free to comment and compl-constructively criticize :smile:

You're going to have to turn your head sideways for this one :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the build of this guy, but I think it'd look much better in a different colour, maybe blue. Great job, though! :smile:

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I have an abundance of gunmetal, and only a few blue shells so... yeah...

Thanks though :smile:

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the limbs are kinda gappy,
but the torso is nice.

Nice torso, limbs seem a little gappy. The colors sorta blend into each other, so I'd recommend using silver instead of gunmetal.

Hm, good effort, you have something going, but it looks cluttered and gappy. Fix the limbs and the head and I'd be excited to see what comes out of this! :smile:

This is very cool!

I really like it!