Xerophium Lord

So, I decided to post one of my MOCs on the net... Historical moment smiley
This is Xerophium Lord, enjoy!

Epic pose:

Head detail:

Arm detail:

Leg detail:

Wing detail:

Back detail:

Story time!
Xerophians are the race of insectoid creatures. They live in underground caves, because their home planet doesn't have atmosphere, so they can't crawl on surface. But the life in dark for thousands of years is getting annoying, so they decided to perform dark, ancient ritual. The five young warriors were sacrificed to teleport their Lord to another planet where he can create new civilization in a better world. Trying to feed his children, Lord is becoming the Ultimate predator!


I really like the head and wings (clever use of bohrok faceplates). If I hat one complaint, it'd be that the head looks too birdlike, but it's great aside from that.

Bug/bird hybrid?

Also very nice

I will grant he has creative parts usage. However, I feel that some parts are a tad awkward, and some of them could be easily fixed.

@Willess12 Thanks!

@TheJMPofArcadia yeah kinda mix of both...

@Ekorak Which concrete parts? I want to make it better so some serious critique is welcome!

Alright then....full critique? Well, can't say you didn't ask for it.....just try to keep in mind that I only do this to help out and because you asked XD

From the ground up:
LEGS: The lower legs and feet are simplistic but good, however the upper legs need some improvement as there is quite the gap in armoring and they seem rather hollow.
BODY: This is where creative parts usage comes in. However, the body needs filling in, as does the chest armor. The arm and wing connection is also a tad unusual, as it looks very flat.
ARMS: Lower arms just need to be filled in and flipped around, and they'd be fine. Upper arms though, need a bit more work. The Metru foot looks incredibly awkward, and the weight of the upper arm is focused downward, where you want the weight to focus up. It's also very hollow. It should be an easy enough fix.
WINGS: I don't really have anything to say about these. They look nice, although quite small.
HEAD: I'm very iffy on this. While it looks interesting, it's very thin. I feel that taking advantage of the open axle on the back would help fill it in.
OVERALL: It's a nice start, however needs a bit of improvement.

There are a few points where I disagree with Ekorak. The lower arm and the legs both look fine (though filling in the upper legs without throwing off the aesthetic would be really easy). Mostly, what could use some work is the body and maybe the back (that foot piece on the chest hangs too low) the upper arms (arms should never look like double limbs unless the character has double limbs), maybe the head (though bugs do have thin heads), and definitely something on the shoulders. The lower arms seem fine to me, though some people would say it'd be better if they were flipped over; honestly, I think both ways would have their pros and cons, so go with whatever looks better to you.

Replace the foot-piece on the chest with something else.
Remove the Toa Metru feet on the arms and fill in the arms. I wouldn't recommend putting something on the front of the arms, simply because I can't figure out a way to make it look right, but if you can get it to look right, good for you.
Fill in the back
Put something on the shoulders.
Add a few pieces in the upper legs. You could fix them with five pieces easily.

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Thanks! I asked for it and I'm absolutely satisfied with it, now I know what should I focus on.
I plan to quite rework the middle body cuz it's too skinny and short...

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